Adam (goodwillow) wrote,

Oops, I forgot to add

Yesterday I went and saw Bringing down the House with my sister and her dopy little friend... But the movie was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny!

But it was even funnier today in science when this guy said he saw me with my girlfriend and her friend (i have a girlfriend? I soooo dont think so).
And my science buddy was like "how do u know, omg u were following him all through eastgardens.... STALKER!!!!" and the whole class started calling him a stalker :P
he deserved it though, cause he is REALLY annoying, he is like my replacement in the group i used 2 be in, omg... he thinks he's so cool!

I also bought the new alanis morissette album (feast on scraps) and the may issue of buffy magazine.

Ciao for now!
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