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02:02pm 08/04/2003
mood: tired
Okay Well,
I dont feel to well but I need to go into school tommorow because it's the Open Day and I had to organise a display.
I am actually really happy today to, because I helped my sister with this thing on the Nintendo 64 so shes gonna help me persuade my parents 2 allow me 2 get a cat - YAY!
I'm trying to make an agreement with my folk's over it, but I have a feeling they'll eventually give in.
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My day....   
09:17am 08/04/2003
mood: sick
well today I am at home sick, which really isn't a shame... Because I'd have choir before school and at lunchtime. I would so rather be in the library of a lunchtime than at choir. And to make it worse, I have musical rehearsals taking up just as much time and like two days worth of my holidays, and like one afternoon a week with lunchtime's 3 days a week with the worst teacher at my whole school, and he pretends to be nice to me. I wish he would just like die!!!
I dont reaaly have much to say anymore which is really uncommon for me.
So I'll type to you later!
Oops, I forgot to add   
08:00pm 07/04/2003
  Yesterday I went and saw Bringing down the House with my sister and her dopy little friend... But the movie was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny!

But it was even funnier today in science when this guy said he saw me with my girlfriend and her friend (i have a girlfriend? I soooo dont think so).
And my science buddy was like "how do u know, omg u were following him all through eastgardens.... STALKER!!!!" and the whole class started calling him a stalker :P
he deserved it though, cause he is REALLY annoying, he is like my replacement in the group i used 2 be in, omg... he thinks he's so cool!

I also bought the new alanis morissette album (feast on scraps) and the may issue of buffy magazine.

Ciao for now!
07:28pm 07/04/2003
mood: cynical
Okay Well,
tonight's tv listings are pretty cool!
On the lineup for me tonight is QAF and then buffy which are both excellent shows.

But moving on,
In the school holidays, I am volunteering at a Vet clinic. I'm not getting paid, but I am getting a new cat soon (I have so already decided on her name [its gonna be a girl] and its gonna be Miss Kitty Fantastico).
But maybe if I like volunteer there all holidays they might desex, microchip and give her vaccinations at a lower rate.
Anyway, the new cat's gonna be black on the top and white on the bottom, I was thinking of all black like a witch's cat, but i think the white and black looks more cool.
My parents dont really want another pet, but I really do, so I am trying to convinve them.
I am also gonna get some stuff for this mouse "Amy" I was given the cage and stuff, I got the idea from buffy... I am also thinking of getting a mouse called tara I.
i dont want a boy and a girl, i'm gonna get 2 of the same sex because i used to have mice and i was given them, and I kinda made the mistake of asking for a boy and a girl.

I dont think I have much more to say now, so bye for now!
Wow, my first ever entry :D   
06:54pm 07/04/2003
mood: ecstatic
Okay, Well this is cool,
I finally persuaded my dad to buy me a 2 month thingy for this because alot of my online friends are on this, and one of my friends from school are to.
OMG, lol... I'm way excited :P
okay, this is cool.... nm left 2 say, so type 2 u L8er